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Listing ID Category   Title Location
309810 Lost: CatsLost Cat - Delilah - Calico brown/blackIndianapolis, Indiana. 46231 
308711 Lost: Animals / PetsNicholas - Gray brown american short hairIndianapolis, Indiana. 46220 
308704 Lost: CatsSiamese catIndianapolis, Indiana. 46217 
307208 Lost: DogsMy dog dissapearIndianapolis, Indiana. 46240 
304894 Lost: DogsMedium sized, black dogIndianapolis, Indiana. 46250 
304083 Lost: CatsMissing Cat/ RewordIndianapolis, Indiana. 46236 
302569 Lost: CatsCalico-black,brown,and orange mixed female spayed.Indianapolis, Indiana. 46239 
300926 Lost: CatsSolid Grey CatIndianapolis, Indiana. 46205 
300512 Lost: DogsMINI DACHSHUNDIndianapolis, Indiana. 46203 
299568 Lost: Dogs6 m/o Pitbull PuppyIndianapolis, Indiana. 46220 
299190 Lost: DogsYorkieIndianapolis, Indiana. 46222 
299600 Lost: DogsMiniature PincherIndianapolis, Indiana. 46239 
299353 Lost: DogsPregnant dog brown and short Indianapolis, Indiana. 46201 
297959 Lost: CatsLady Bell Female Brown/Black Tabby Cat - IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana. 46202 
295697 Lost: DogsLittle dogIndianapolis, Indiana. 46254 
294827 Lost: CatsBlack Male CatIndianapolis, Indiana. 46220 
293966 Lost: DogsSmall Beige and Gray Llasa Apso Poodle MixIndianapolis, Indiana. 46228 
292911 Lost: DogsWhite Siberian Husky named BellaIndianapolis, Indiana. 46260 
293017 Lost: DogsSmall Female German Shepherd/Beagle mixIndianapolis, Indiana. 46201 
292666 Lost: Animals / PetsShort Indianapolis, Indiana. 46237 
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